Manuel Gasco is an electro-compu-graphic artist born in Seville (Spain) in 1968

His technique is purely digital and has developed in parallel with the evolution of modern computer technology.
In the 80’s he did comic illustration and small experimental games that were 100% digital.
He used for this work the old 8-bit computers. 1987 found him working as a graphic designer in commercial
game development for Spectrum, Amstrad and MSX.
During the 90’s he started using early versions of well-known image editing programs, 3D design and music synthesizers.
In the years that followed, he produced animation projects: Video, Web Design, Multimedia, illustration, graphic design & photography.
From 2010 onwards the themes of his work focus on human behaviour and influences around him as a person and as an artist.
His aesthetic representation is as ironic, distorted and ridiculous as today’s world where he finds it.
A graphical and aesthetically framed vision in its own world with unique characters and absurd situations almost incomprehensible
In each and every one of the pixels of his works you will see pieces of the Atari Pong and Space Invaders from his childhood.
Kamandi, Mazinger-Z and his fondness for Chinese bazaars. Sunbathing at night, animated films, the music of Kraftwerk,
his insistence on reading barcodes, and his penchant for mental dissonance.